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Q: What ATV is right for my child?

A:  It is a very difficult question to answer for a variety of reasons, 1. Each child is different, has different skill and comfort levels. 2.  The sales staff here at R1 Powersport can only recommend ATV's that are rated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that correspond to the correct age group for your child.  These are rated by the CPSC according to safety equipment, size and power.  We are happy to answer any questions regarding ATV's sold at  R1 Powersports but any questions pertaining to your Childs age we will direct you to the CPSC safety guidelines.  

                What are your fees?
Unless otherwise stated prices listed are our out the door CASH price.
Other fees that can be assessed include:
1. $50 Title fee for motorcycles and trailers
2. 3% Credit/debit card transaction fee on all vechile purchases.
3. Finance fees $50 + depending on lender

Q: Can't I buy these online for less money?
A:  Sometimes yes, however you also need to read the fine print. Usually an advertised price doesn't include assembly or delivery and the warranty normally only covers parts.  Here at R1Powersports any vehicle sold in our physical store is sold assembled and running, having gone through a thorough pre-delivery checklist as well as having a warranty that covers both parts and labor as well as providing a local resource you can call and talk to with any questions or concerns!

Q: Are parts available for these machines?
A:  Yes here at R1 Powersports we are not interested in carrying vehicles that are not readily serviceable with a ready supply of available parts.  R1 Powersports stocks parts for Chinese youth ATVs Dirt bikes and go-carts.  And if we don't stock it most parts are available within a week of ordering.

Q: I hear the carburetors in these are no that true?
A:  NO.  The problem most people face with any carbureted engine has little if anything to do with the carburetor, but rather the gasoline that is put in them.  Much of the gas we get today has 10% ethanol additive which can cause problems with carburetors if not properly maintained.  It is recommended that if you use E10 gasoline to use a high quality fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from going bad quickly and clogging the carburetor.  

Q: What is the warranty?

A: Our warrany policy can be found here>>>

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